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After the great success of the models Zephyr Gtx Hi and Mid in desert colors, black, sage green and newcomer of the end of 2012 in the color Coyote / Olive, LOWA has presented the IWA 2013 exhibition in Nuremberg 6 new models "Z SERIES" particularly indicated for the law enforcement, which is specific to the police and special forces (SOC, Special Operations Capable), specialized units that operate in high-risk situations and in need of a particular training that conventional bodies have not.
In Italy the best known are:

N.O.C.S. The central core operating safety, better known by the acronym NOCS is the Special Anti-terrorism Unit of the Italian State Police;

G.I.S The Special Intervention Group is an elite unit of the Carabinieri;

AT.P.I. - Counter-terrorism rapid response (Italy);

R.O.S -The special operations group of the Carabinieri (often simply referred to with the acronym ROS)

In view of the very strict trainings they are subjected to these operative nuclei and following numerous clasped stresses German company by the various special bodies of various nationalities for a "hybrid" model, LOWA has designed a stable and lightweight shoe able to offer a comfort extraordinary in the walk, which amounted to a light hiking shoe, but at the same time provided with a support and protection of a shoe by backpacking, completing - in this way - its military collection, already equipped with robust and solid models as the combatt Boot and multi-purpose models
as the Zephyr.
The new "Z-SERIES" are available with a water repellent suede or nubuck uppers, combined with a very light and breathable Cordura Pro.
Some models are made of Gore-tex, other fabric, the latter more suited to warmer climates. The lacing system composed of closed hooks, is more resistant to wear and makes the model also usable as throwing shoe.
The sole "Cross Duty" Rubber guarantees excellent grip.
The technology used in monowrap sole provides considerable protection and provides a valid support
extra for the fast-roping (descended from helicopters / elisbarchi).
Z-SERIES is available in various colors like black nubuck, suede dark brown and black, suede coyotes and desert.
Two heights: Z8 (20 cm) and Z6 (15 cm).
The weight varies from 1300 grams to 1400 grams Mid version ca. for the HI version.

TG.6.5 UK (40 EUR) 257mm


TG.7 UK (41 EUR) 262mm


TG.7.5 UK (41.5 EUR) 266mm


TG.8 UK (42EUR) 270mm


TG UK 8.5 (EUR 42.5) 274mm


TG.9 UK (€ 43.5) 278mm


TG.9.5 UK (44 EUR) 283mm


TG.10 UK (44.5 EUR) 287mm


TG.10.5 UK (EUR 45) 291mm


TG.11 UK (46 EUR) 295mm


TG.11.5 UK (46.5 EUR) 300mm


TG.12 UK (47 EUR) 304mm



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