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airsoftpro adattatore SVD per silenziatore Visualizza ingrandito

airsoftpro adattatore SVD per silenziatore


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AIRSOFTPRO adattatore SVD per silenziatore

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If you would like to mount suppressor adaptor on your A&K SVD,  you can`t do that without proper adapter.  SVD hasn`t any thread.

Our new adapter allows easy installation of any suppressor (silencer) on your SVD.  Here is basic characteristic:

Full steel body with the AirsoftPro logo

Alkaline oxidation coating used on the real guns

14mm counter-clockwise thread for the most of suppressors

O-ring washer againts loosing

Inner center ring, which keeps longer inner barrel in the exact axial position

Easy and quick instalation with 2 screws

No need gun modification

Our unique design - no copy

Made in Czech Republic on CNC machines


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