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Electronic sights

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AAOK107 Red Dot Sight GFA-10-012658

AAOK107 Red Dot Sight

A Red dot sight almost entirely made from metal. Durable casing provides protection from damage.

The sight displays an aimpoint of red or green colour. The sight features smooth vertical and horizontal regulation. The lenses are protected by rubber covers.

The sight features a 22mm RIS rail mount. This allows for attachment of the sight to a practically every replica equipped with such rail.

The set includes:

-          A red dot sight

-          A hex key

-          A cleaning cloth

-          A rubber cover


Red Dot Reflex Sight Replica Theta optics THO-10-009054

Red Dot Reflex Sight Replica

Theta Optics™ red dot reflex sight powered by a CR1620 battery allows to use a green or red dot during both day and night operations. The aimpoint can be smoothly regulated vertically and horizontally. It features several brightness options. Mounted on a standard 22mm RIS rail, the sight allows for rapid and precise aiming.


5019 type 553 red dot sight Desert Aim-O amo-10-004568

5019 type  553 red dot sight

The red dot sight is made mostly of metal. The battery cover is the only plastic made element. The red dot sight is powered by two AAA batteries. The aiming reticle is illuminated in green and red. It is possible to adjust it both, horizontally and vertically. The QD system allows to mount the red dot sight.