NOVRITSCH SSG10 A3 Long Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The SSG10 is the most competitive Airsoft Sniper Rifle on the market. No matter if you are new to the sport or already an expert. The SSG10 is for YOU

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Our newest addition to the SSG10 lineup. The A3 is the pinnacle of efficiency while packing the most features in a sniper rifle.

    Incredibly Durable. It can take an M220 spring (5 Joules).
    Supreme Accuracy.
    Maintains AirSeal even with the strongest springs on the market.
    Feature-packed, futuristic stock by Maple Leaf.
    Quiet due to soft piston head.
    Includes hard-shell gun case.
    Highly Customizable VSR-10 platform.    
    Extensive video library with courses and guides.
    Vienna-based Tech support team.

Weight: 2.0kg
Length long barrel: 105cm (83cm folded)

riflescope exluded

Power spring max 1 joule

The SSG10 A3 comes with stock, grip and upper receiver seperatley. With four screws you can assemble everything in five minutes

THE HANDLE SUPPLIED IS THE EPG PTS SYNDACATE (different from the one in the photo)

The SSG10 A3 configuration was made with one goal, being lightweight while not sacrificing the precision, function, and durability of a traditional rifle stock. Not only did this rifle meet these requirements, but even further pushed the boundaries of what is possible in Airsoft.

Deadly precision combined with speed and agility on the field is the best way to be the deciding factor on the field. The SSG10 A3 is made to be just that.

The era of heavyweight rifles in airsoft is over. Today's Airsoft Sniper needs a rifle that is supporting a demanding playstyle. Once you switch to this lightweight and compact rifle you can never go back.

No matter which sniper role you pick, we can say with confidence that there is no other rifle like this. This is the peak of efficiency, design, and durability. We love it and you will love it too!

While testing this rifle configuration, we absolutely fell in love with the excellent balance, looks and the sheer amount of features this beauty packs. Once you pull the trigger for the first time, you will never look back.

We believe that exceptional accuracy should not be a feature in Airsoft but a basic requirement for a sniper rifle. However, this is not always the case so here we go: The SSG10 A3 is accurate.

Transport to and from a field can be a hassle with bigger rifles. Ever tried to fit 5 people with gear into a small car? You know the pain.

Paired with the short outer barrel, the sturdy folding stock design eliminates this problem. It will fit everywhere, even in some backpacks.

Not enough? The stock can also be switched to fold to the other side. Fully ambidextrous.

We know some players have a different taste and opinions on grips. That's why the grip is removeable and can easily be changed. Just pick the one you like the most.

Since humans come in all different shapes and sizes we wanted the stock to be adjustable. Do you have long or short arms? No Problem with to the adjustable buttstock!

Having your head in the correct position is crucial to guarantee clear vision through your scope and fast aiming. The Cheek rest is adjustable in three directions. No more hassle with mesh masks.

While a sling is not really necessary for a lightweight rifle, it's always good to have the option. You can quickly drop the rifle and grab your sidearm in tense situations.

On top of that, the A3 is fully ambidextrous. Just switch to lefthand bolt handle and the rest of the rifle is ready to be used left handed.

Although speed reloads are rare for airsoft snipers, it is still good to have a backup magazine ready to be grabbed any second. Plus, it looks really cool!

Whatever you want to attach to your gun, the MLOK slots located on both sides of the rifle will let it happen!

The mounting options don't end there. On the front of the stock you can find a RIS rail where you can attach tripods, stock extensions and other products which will be released soon. There is plenty of options!

In front of the scope, there is another RIS mounting option that is available soon. While some might use this as a Scope Cam mount, others will go crazy and mount NVGs there to operate in the dark!

excluded riflescope


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