Mid and real cap AEG magazines

mid cap and real cap magazine for airsoft gun, lonex, g e g, vfc, evolution, for m4, ak, g36 etc...

mid and real cap magazine for electric air gun

Mid and real cap AEG magazines

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PTS Syndicate 150rd EPM Mid-Cap Magazine for M4/M16 Replicas Dark Earth

The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of Mid-capacity Polymer Magazine for AEGs. The EPM is a truly unique AEG magazine, inside and out. Externally it features a Dupont Zytel Polymer shell, with recessed panels for better grip, and unique magazine well guides that reduce snagging when the magazine is drawn from and reinserted into pouches.


P90 Krytac Mid-cap magazines 200/50 bb

Selectable 200 & 50 round capacities
Switch on the underside of the magazine body for capacity selection
High tension spring ensures proper feeding
Magazine cut-off and last round follower on magazine allows gun to cease fire when empty
Made from high strength injection molded polymer
No winding or rattling, works just like a mid-capacity magazine