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BALLISTOL Universal Oil spray 400ml

BALLISTOL - Multi-purpose and respects the environment
Since 1904 BALLISTOL, being the first alkaline weapons lubricant oil, is used with enthusiasm not only for the care of weapons, but has also become indispensable in crafts, industry, at home and in the premises for its hobby.


Credit card knife pocket RAM R60606

Ruike P108-SF Knife
Crafted almost exclusively of Stainless Steel, this simple yet elegant knife is of utmost quality. The neatly stonewashed metallic body is complimented by little details making this an exquisite EDC pocket knife. The frame lock is additionally enhanced by a “Beta Plus” lock which is more reliable and secure in preventing accidental blade closure.

red Lanyard VICTORINOX

Nylon Cord with Rubber Grip

Made from high quality nylon and rubber, this strong and simple lanyard adds that extra bit of utility and maneuverability to your Victorinox.

Knife Sharpener Victorinox Sharpy

Knife Sharpener Victorinox Sharpy

Ergonomically Designed Knife Sharpener

Quickly, easily and safely sharpen every straight- and wavy-edged knife in your drawer to its precision-cutting best with our small Knife Sharpener/Victorinox Sharpy, which has been ergonomically designed for the safest possible handling