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Binoculars, monocles, telemeters

Binoculars, Monoculars and Rangefinders for observation

Binoculars, monocles, telemeters

Binoculars, monocles, telemeters

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Monocle Konusmall 2 KONUS 7-14X30 2062

The new KONUSMALL-2 has a zoom magnification from 7x to 17x and a 30mm diameter lens.

The quality of the article is very high, both optically and structurally thanks to the practical rubber coating and the double focusing system: fast and fine.


Binoculars Emperior Open Hinge 10x42 Green Konus 2342

Ideal for those who use binoculars with one hand thanks to the open bridge, they are ergonomic and waterproof binoculars with treated lenses on every surface and BAK-4 prisms with phase correction to obtain a quality vision. The design is particularly captivating, the bonettas are of the "screw" type and therefore lend themselves easily to those who use glasses.


Binoculars Konusrex silver coating 10x50 Konus 2346

The prestigious Konusrex line has been enriched with two models with an objective diameter of 50 mm in order to allow a very clear vision even in non-optimal light conditions. It is our line of high-end binoculars, particularly appreciated for the special "silver coating" treatment that allows truly incredible light transmission. The fact of having the extra large eyepieces and low weight / dimensions make it a really useful tool in any outdoor excursion


Monocle Konusmall 3 KONUS 8-24X40 2063

This monocle zoom is ideal to take anywhere on the go, in your suitcase and in any place as it has very small dimensions.

It provides a powerful zoom magnification ranging from 8 to 24 increases. It also has a 40mm lens that ensures good brightness. The optics are multitrattate.