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NikkSakk FPS Piston head bearing TPNS

POM piston head designed for high rof and to increase the silence of the replica thanks to the very small knocking surface (TPNS)

This piston head was developed thanks to the experience of Nico Saccocci of NikkSakk.Extreme.Airsoftcustom.


DMAC Piston Head Delirio

The innovative Delirio Head Piston in Ertalon+mos2 (polymer) made with the CNC machining, has been designed and calibrated to the thousandth. Its particular concave shape without the presence of the front anti vacuum holes, ensures high efficiency during the compression phase, guaranteeing a perfect concentration of the air flow so as to be pushed and routed directly into the nozzle of the cylinder head, avoiding the formation of air vortices


FPS POM Piston head entry level TPAVP

Piston head in POM designed for fast bursts and to increase the silence of the replica thanks to the very small striking surface (TPAVP). Its adoption lightens the weight of the striking mass composed of piston and piston head with a significant reduction in mechanical stress and noise.

FPS POM plunger piston head with double or (XPPD)

POM plunger piston head with double or (XPPD)
The new generation of FPS piston heads has been equipped with the new X-RING technology, and a plastic thickness of one millimeter has been added to have the ideal hooking angle in every situation.


Top Max Blue POWER derlin piston head TPBPWMM

The BLUE POWER piston head is made in DELRIN at the CNC on specific measures by TopMax Elaborazioni. The DELRIN structure makes this piston head reliable, long lasting and incredibly suitable for any type of configuration.
The BLUE POWER piston head is made with axial-internal anti-vacuum holes and radial outlet holes, which allow a better distribution of the air on the sealing O-RING, speeding up its expansion during the compression phase.
Compared to the RED POWER piston head, in BLUE POWER the size and position of the radial holes is further different to obtain greater aggressiveness in the compression phase of the O-RING while still maintaining stability, constancy and precision in the shot.