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Self defense

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ANIMAL DEFENDER 3 in 1 + pepper spray 98101


- Professional Accendigas: It also works in extreme conditions
- Electric Bollard against Animals and Ferocious Dogs
- Anti-Aggressive Spray 15 ml OC Chili Pepper according to law
- Electric stimulator against bites of snakes

+ 9 volt battery included
+ Refill Spray OC 15ml included


ASP Street defender black pepper spray

ASP Defenders are designed to professional law enforcement standards, using Aerospace aluminum construction. These precision machined aerosol dispersants have no sharp edges and are O-ring sealed to prevent leaking. All Defenders use replaceable aerosol inserts available in 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (HEAT) and Inert (TEST).


Case BH-05 for batons with length of 16", 18" and 21" defense system

Case BH-05 for batons with length of 16", 18" and 21".

Plastic rotary case which is designed for professional use. It is simpler and cheaper option to known professional service case SH-121. A unique system of flat mounting clamps UBC-02 enables the rapid deployment to the belt with one hand, without need of unfasten the belt. Baton can be rotated to the belt in 360 ​​degrees with case and in 16 locking positions. The distance between the belt and baton, but using this type of the clip, is smaller.

The case can be also attached to the carrying M.O.L.L.E. system.

Baton not included


DIVA Pepper Spray Basic 800,000 Scoville

DIVA Pepper Spray Basic 800,000 Scoville

We made this Mignon for personal defense by shaking the measures just 9cm high. We think that this small format is lined with the utility keyring.

WARNING: keychain chain only present in the TOP version


Hot Pepper Spray TW1000 LADY

The classic handbag and pocket.

For 10 years it has been the most desirable format
effective, usable as a key ring or as simple
pocket object and handbag is effective and sufficient too
for the most demanding situations with a very low cost.
Capacity 20 ml.