Holsters and accessories

Holsters and accessories such as leg loops, adapters for molle system and for belts

Holsters and accessories

Holsters and accessories

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fondina regolabile

peso gr 138

materiali polimerici neri

compatibile per pistole Sig Sauer P226-P229-P228-P225-P220

sono anche adattabili come holster cosciale . Ognuna delle nostre fondine è dotata di una chiave a brugola.

Marca : Swiss Arms


holster CIVILIAN INSIDE DX Size L ghost international

The Civilian Inside has 2 clips and is the new frontier of concealment.
This holster permits you to wear the gun inside the pants and at the same time reducing the sensation of obstruction and weight. The inning match of S+Leather signs a new standard in the field.
The Civilian Inside has steel clip allows for quick and easy positioning on your belt.


Vega Holster Bungy Holster 8BL00 Desert

The Vega Holster Bungy Holster 8BL00 in Desert coloration is the ultimate choice for those seeking versatility and reliability in their holster with a distinctive style. This universal holster is designed to accommodate any long or compact firearm on the market, thanks to its adjustable tubular elastic system.