Airsoft electric guns

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Airsoft electric guns

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Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 Sportsline 2.6479X

Heckler and Koch calls the fifth generation of its successful HK416 series “the next step in the evolution of assault rifles.” The HK416 A5, a weight-optimized Sportsline version of the S-AEG for 6 mm pellets, promises to be equally successful among airsoft enthusiasts.


Evolution Ghost XS EMR Carbontech ETS EC28AR-ETS

New Evolution line, ASG with ETS II control unit and precision barrel as standard

The ETS II control unit has multiple functions:

- Binary, which allows you to fire one shot when the trigger is pulled and a second when released

-Active Brake can be deactivated

-Position of the selector in Semi programmable 1 / 3bb

- Selector position in programmable Auto 3/5 / Full / Ramping Full Auto

- Sniper Delay

- Lipo battery protection