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Axes, Machets and Saws

Axes, Tomahawks, Machetes and saws essential for your outdoor use

these items are freely salable to people over the age of 18 as leisure equipment and tools, practical for any type of use, from fishing to camping, hiking or bushcraft activities

Axes, Machets and Saws

Axes, Machets and Saws

Freescape Camp Saw Gerber Freescape Camp Saw Gerber

Freescape Camp Saw Gerber

Freescape Camp Saw Gerber

Portable. Safe. Functional. This innovative saw folds up flat for transport and utilizes 4 pivot points upon release to create a secure handle grip and 12 inch cutting surface. Bright green accents are easy to spot at the campsite, keeping you aware and safe. Accepts all standard 12" blades making replacement simple.

Gerber Machete Bolo 31-002076 Gerber Machete Bolo 31-002076

Gerber Machete Bolo 31-002076

The Gerber Bolo machete is a modern take on the classic shape that has been used for decades for clearing, chopping, and cutting. It features smart design upgrades, including an ergonomic handle shape, full tang construction for durability and power transfer, and a slip-proof grip for superior handling in wet conditions.

Extrema Ratio Kreios Expedition Extrema Ratio Kreios Expedition

Extrema Ratio Kreios Expedition

Kreios Expeditions, as well as the Kreios model from which it derives, was designed and developed thanks to the collaboration with the Master Advanced instructor Daniele Dal Canto. It is defined by its creator as a sort of "off road" of cutting tools, therefore not a specific disposable tool, but a multi-tasking tool, extremely versatile and designed to cope with numerous uses.




  • Lunghezza totale 48.3cm
  • Lunghezza lama 30.5cm
  • Peso 408.2g
  • Peso con fodero 499g
  • Lama in acciaio 1050
  • Codolo integrale
  • Manico Gator Grip™
  • Fodero in nylon
17,5" Hatchet freescape Axe GERBER Gerber 17,5" Hatchet freescape Axe GERBER Gerber

17,5" Hatchet freescape Axe GERBER Gerber

17,5' Hatchet Axe GERBER

This evolved hatchet features efficient strength in a slim profile. With a new black PTFE coating on the blade and a unique grind technique, the steel blade is sharper than ever. Expect clean cuts far longer than average from this smart axe, for use at the campsite and beyond.

Walther Machete Mach Tac3 Walther Machete Mach Tac3

Walther Machete Mach Tac3

Walter's Machetes make no compromises. Their design features evoke strong feelings, casting a spell not only on knife enthusiasts.

The extra large blades are made of 440 type steel and are coated for protection.

The new MachTac3 with its straight blade is designed for two-handed use. The sturdy machete comes with a sturdy nylon case.

Blade length: 473 mm
Total length: 767 mm
Weight: 1465 g

K25 32264 Stronger Machete K25 32264 Stronger Machete

K25 32264 Stronger Machete

Registered model
Designed in Spain
Brand: K25
Tactical knife
Handle: rubber
Blade: stainless steel (titanium coated)
Blade size: 25 cm
Total size: 37.5 cm
Blade thickness: 4.2 cm
Nylon sheath
Broadcut Machete GERBER Broadcut Machete GERBER

Broadcut Machete GERBER

Broadcut Machete GERBER
The modern version of the traditional jungle machete, the Broadcut has a corrosion resistant, fine edge blade that is effective at breaking down dense brush. An innovative hook + cut notch is engineered into the blade, ideal for manipulating troublesome vines and branches. The rubber grip and large finger choil deliver comfort when the tool is in hand.
Gator Bush Machete GERBER Gator Bush Machete GERBER

Gator Bush Machete GERBER

The Gator Bush Machete is Gerber's version of the traditional jungle cutting tool.
Designed to be multipurpose, the Gator Bush Machete is perfect for clearing dense foliage, tall grass, bushes, small trees, and more.
The blade itself is made of hardened steel and is full tang, which means the blade fully descends into the handle providing the wielder with a better grip and greater control.

EXTREMA RATIO KH machete kukri EXTREMA RATIO KH machete kukri

EXTREMA RATIO KH machete kukri

EXTREMA RATIO KH machete kukri

There’s a reason it’s a classic. Made famous by the Gurkha regiments serving under the British crown, the “kukri” is a Nepalese all-purpose blade descended from ancient Greek sickle-shaped swords. It’s ultimately a machete with a top-heavy, forward-positioned cutting edge, which enables it to function as an axe while retaining the versatility of a long blade. Extrema Ratio has developed two such tools, our KS and KH models, blending ancient and modern design concepts. Both employ combination grinds. The razor-like hollow grind closer to the grip yields a fine, sharp edge without compromising the overall thickness of the back of the blade (which needs great sturdiness). The tip portion of the blade is instead flat ground, well-angled to effortlessly penetrate wood and vegetation. While similar tools are usually made from softer steel alloys for elasticity and ease of honing, we were able to achieve adequate elasticity using hard BÖHLER N690 steel, making for a remarkably durable edge.

Gerber Gator JR Machete Gerber Gator JR Machete

Gerber Gator JR Machete

The Gerber Gator machete is built with the same toughness but is shorter and more packable, while still featuring dual blades. It is perfect for backcountry travel, with its fine edge for tackling brush and vines, and a saw for cutting limbs and small trees. The Gator Grip handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip in any situation, whether wet or dry.

Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet Gerber Coyote brown Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet Gerber Coyote brown

Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet Gerber Coyote brown

The Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet is designed to meet the essential needs of survival in the wilderness. It combines the functions of starting a fire and building shelter, making it a versatile tool for outdoor enthusiasts. The ergonomic design reduces weight and enhances grip for extended use, while the blade features machined relief for more effective cutting. However, the true innovation lies in its hidden features: a water-resistant gear storage compartment capable of holding paracord and a mini lighter or fire starting material.


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