GAS, Co2, Gas holder

Green gas and Co2 of the best brands, Ballistol, Nuprol, Protech, Swiss Arms, Evolution, Umarex

GAS, Co2, Gas holder

GAS, Co2, Gas holder

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AIRSOFT-Gas also works in low temperature conditions and is odorless. Thanks to the content of silicone oil, your weapons will always work and protected and will not block even after the first signs of icing.

Maximum quality pressure gas - this is what makes this product special.


Nimrod Professional Performance Red Gas 500ml

Powerful performance gas for year-round use including winter time. Suitable for a wide range of airsoft pistols and rifles. Not suitable for very cold winter temperatures, Japanese made pistols and rifles. Features a very stable gas pressure, exceptional trajectory control, low temperature efficiency and increases the performance of your gun significantly.


Nuprol 1.0 Green Gas 500ml

The gas series par excellence, Nuprol has proven to be very familiar with GBB replicas, creating this complete line-up of propellants for every type of airsoft gas weapon and for any climatic situation.

Version 1.0 is suitable for those who have to lower m / s or polymeric guns such as tokyo marui

Nuprol 4.0 Premium Gas 500ml

NUPROL 4.0 Ultimate Power Gas is a very high performance gas for shotguns and IPSCs, designed to operate at lower temperatures (between 3c - 20c) allowing you to use your firearm all year round.