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Holster flashlight, Remote Pressure Switch, Mounting Rings and filters for fenix and olight flashlight

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Flashlight accessories

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Fenix ALG-05 Pressure Switch Mount

The Fenix ALG-05 tactical remote pressure switch mount is specially designed for Fenix AER series tactical remote pressure switches (remote pressure switches must be purchased separately). With a simple push, quickly and easily attach the mount to any standard Picatinny rail.


Fenix ALG-06 Pressure Switch M-lock rail Clamp Mount

Fenix ALG-06 M-Lok Rail clamp for remote pressure switchis specially made for Fenix AER series tactical remote pressure switches. Professionally fit the M-Lok rail, using T-nuts to make installation more convenient and firm, and the bottom of the screw has a limit to prevent the nut from being lost.


Fenix ALG-16 Tactical Light M-Lok Rail Mount

The Fenix ALG-16 Tactical Light M-Lok Rail Mount is a versatile accessory designed to securely attach a flashlight to your firearm's M-Lok rail system. It provides a reliable mounting solution for Fenix tactical lights, allowing you to easily attach and detach the light as needed. The ALG-16 is made from durable materials to withstand the rigors of tactical use, ensuring a stable and secure attachment. Its M-Lok design offers a low-profile and streamlined fit, minimizing bulk and interference with other accessories on your firearm. With the Fenix ALG-16 Tactical Light M-Lok Rail Mount, you can enhance the functionality of your firearm by adding a reliable lighting solution for improved visibility in tactical situations.

The Fenix ALG-16 Quick Release Rail Mount marks a new era for Fenix Flashlights. This fantastic Fenix accessory brings M-Lok technology to the durable flashlight mounts that Fenix has produced for years. In addition, the ALG-16 has q patented quick release system making it easy for you to detach and attach your flashlight. Another great feature of the ALG-16 is compatible with a wide range of Fenix Flashlights.


FENIX remote control AER03 V2 for TK16v1, TK20R, TK32, TK25IR, TK25UV, TK25RED, TK25R&B

With the all-new Fenix AER-03 V2, you can quickly adapt your Fenix Tactical flashlights to an AR. This tactical pressure switch is made from T6-grade aluminum. The cable is made from resilient PU material and is shorter than the previous model to help avoid tangling. The instant-on pressure pad is silent making perfect for a situation where you have to use stealth to maneuver your weapon. The Fenix AER-03 V2 is compatible with flashlights that use have dual rear buttons like the Fenix TK32 or Fenix TK16. This is the perfect accessory for tactical scenarios.


Panaro Max MAX004S waterproof hard case

Watertight box for transporting and protecting sensitive equipment and materials.

Embossed sponge on the lid and cubes on the bottom with a practical pick & pluck system to adapt it to any shape and need.

Internal dimensions 316 x 195 x 81 mm / 12.44 x 7.67 x 3.18 inch


Olight Magnetic Flashlight Attack

Olight Magnetic Flashlight Attack

Torch holder ring for weapons, allows you to attach the torch to a weapon without rails or other connection systems.

     Compatible with the torches of the M series
     Ideal accessory for hunting, law enforcement, search and rescue.
     Material: aeronautical steel alloy
     Dimensions: 6x5x4 cm
     Weight: 126 g
     Black colour