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Digital chronographs

Digital chronographs to measure the energy and rate of your asg

Digital chronographs

Digital chronographs

copy of Acetech Chronograph AC6000 BT copy of Acetech Chronograph AC6000 BT

Acetech Chronograph AC5000

This AceTech AC5000 muzzle velocity meter provides you with all the essentials for fast and high-quality measurement of muzzle velocity and gun cadence. Finally, a chronograph that measures accurately and comes at an affordable price!

X310 Pocket Chronograph Xcortech X310 Pocket Chronograph Xcortech

X310 Pocket Chronograph Xcortech

The Xcortech X310 Pocket Chronograph is a compact device used to measure pellet velocity. This pocket chronograph is designed to be portable and easy to use. It features built-in sensors that detect the speed of the pellets as they pass through the device.


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