Bushing and bearings

Bushings and bearings for Gearbox

Bushing and bearings

Bushing and bearings

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Prometheus 8mm Sinthered Alloy Bushings

Quality bushings and bearings are essential to any airsoft gun's performance and durability. These bushings are the main supports for your gears. It is essential that your bushings are able to handle the stress of your gears and basic operations.


Kit Bearings and bushings 2pcs Leonardo 8 and 4pcs Extreme 8 Laboratorio Casella

Kit Bearings and bushings, 2pcs 8mm bearings Leonardo 8 and 4pcs 8mm bushings Extreme 8 Laboratorio Casella

Leonardo "is the first bearing produced in the world with ceramic balls on a cage J. A bearing designed for HS applications that offers noiseless rotation and resistance as well as minimal rotation friction resistance.

Extreme 8 was born from the need to install bushings that can withstand extreme rofs, from 35 bbs upwards. Made from steel bars with a high carbon content, the "Extreme 8" are the first distributed product of the "Inox Line" series.