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PTS Syndicate 150rd EPM Mid-Cap Magazine for M4/M16 Replicas Dark Earth

The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of Mid-capacity Polymer Magazine for AEGs. The EPM is a truly unique AEG magazine, inside and out. Externally it features a Dupont Zytel Polymer shell, with recessed panels for better grip, and unique magazine well guides that reduce snagging when the magazine is drawn from and reinserted into pouches.


Jing Gong High-cap magazine MP5 series 200bb

The Jing Gong magazine for MP5 series airsoft replica is an essential accessory for airsoft enthusiasts seeking reliability and high firepower capacity. This metal high-cap magazine has a generous capacity of 200 BBs, ensuring extended gameplay without the need for frequent reloading.