Survival and camping

Camp stoves, cutlery, mess tins and everything you need for your camp kitchen
Survival and camping

Survival and camping

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Atwood Rope MFG Micro Cord 125ft Olive Drab

Atwood Rope MFG Micro Cord 38m Olive Drab is a high quality durable survival cord. This cable, approximately 38 meters long, has a tensile strength of 46 kg (100 lbs) and a diameter of 1.18 mm. It is an ideal product for jobs that require precision and reliability.

Helikon Tex Scout Mk2 Firestarter

Scout Mk2 Firestarter is a set that allows you to light a fire effectively without using matches or a lighter. The steel box included in the set lets you carry the firestarter and other elements without the risk of losing them.




Cartridge 450g of high-performance blend of isobutane and propane, suitable for the whole year no matter how the remaining fuel. clean combustion. Suitable for use with stoves GSI Outdoors Pinnacle.


Roxon C1 camping cutlery

1. COMPACT AND PORTABLE: weighs only 107.5g, hand luggage, specially designed for dining out
2. MAGNETIC & FOLDABLE: Foldable design, save 50% space. Magnetic connection, simple operation.

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Forchettone da campeggio. Ideale per cuocere sui fuochi da campo, leggero e comodo da portare con se. 
Le punte girate in fuori assicurano che il cibo non si sfili durante la cottura. disponibile in vari colori

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Morakniv Spark Fire Starter Black

Now you can only buy Spark Fire Starter, which fits perfectly into the container in the handle of this knife and is made in the same color. It is small, but it gives many possibilities as it will help you light the flame even in the most difficult conditions.

Paracord Atwood Rope MFG Coyote 30m

Paracord Atwood Rope MFG Coyote 30m is a durable and resilient nylon cord produced by Atwood Rope MFG. This 30-meter long cord has a weight-bearing capacity of 250 kg (550 pounds) and features seven inner strands with a nylon sheath. It is manufactured in the USA and offers excellent bonding strength and UV resistance.

Gsi Glacier Camp Stove

The high-output, Glacier Camp Stove is the epitome of rugged power. the sturdy pot supports hold larger cookware while the large diameter burner head spreads heat evenly across the bases of pots and pans.


Nite Ize Financial tool multitool wallet black FTM2-01-R7

The Nite Ize Financial Tool Multitool Wallet (Black, FMT2-01-R7) is a versatile and made of durable stainless steel. It securely holds cash and features a variety of tools, including a bottle opener, scraper, wrenches, flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver/box cutter, and metric and standard rulers. Its slim and minimalist design makes it the perfect wallet.



PATHFINDER Canteen Cup with Lid is designed for quick and convenient preparation of drinking water during a camping trip. Durable stainless steel allows you to boil water and heat meals directly on a camp stove, and the lid included in the set helps to maintain the temperature inside the cup. Thanks to the foldable handle, we can safely operate the cup, avoiding burns.


Helikon Tex Exotac FireROD Fire starter Orange

Exotac FireROD™ Fire starter is a simple tool for striking fire, made to work in demanding conditions. There is a kindling container under the sealed cap, and the rod itself is replaceable, so we can be sure that we buy the product for years. The durability of the FireROD™ is additionally improved by the use of 6061 aluminum. The kit does not include a striking tool - the fire starter is designed to be carried with a knife.