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Night and Thermal vision

Thermal and night vision goggles for observation and hunting
Night visions

Night and Thermal vision

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Night vision Konuspy 14 7935

The dimensions (16 x 5 x 6.5 cm) and low weight (186.5 gr) of this article are incredible, also considering the range of features that this product includes: night and day vision, zoom magnification system from 1x to 5x, infrared illuminator for complete darkness vision and photo shooting and video recording function. All this at an unprecedented price!

Thermal systems Konus Thermal systems Konus -€250.00
  • -€250.00

Thermal systems Konus Flame 1.5x-3x 7951


An ideal choice for professional users, our # 7951 model is engineered to maximize any on-field visual experience with a truly remarkable 384×288 resolution that goes way beyond the standards of the market.

It also features a very powerful 1.5x-3x zoom system and a generous 16GB internal memory that will accommodate all of your needs while taking pictures and recording videos.

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Thermal rifle scope InfiRay Fast Fal19 1x34D

InfiRay Fast FAL19 is a red dot/thermal fusion riflescope, combining red dot technology with thermal imaging technology. It directly integrates thermal images with real scenes, which facilitates all-weather outdoor hunting and home security.
All-weather, all-day use


Thermal systems Konus FLAME-R 2.5x-20x 7952

Power and technology combined in an extremely versatile tool that can be used as a thermal aiming optic or as a hand-held monocle for endless hunts, for tactical use or for surveillance purposes.

Completely waterproof, our model # 7952 has among its features a large zoom magnification ranging from 2.5x to 20x magnification and joins the 5 selectable reticles in 3 colors and with the special mount for Picatinny sleds.

Its thermal vision is available in 4 different palettes with a resolution of 256 × 192 and you can also take photos or record videos of what you will observe.


Night vision Konuspy 15 7936

Purchase the digital night vision binoculars, equipped with highly complex optics for night vision that has never been so accessible, especially in this binocular vision. This tool provides the visual quality of much more professional models at a fraction of their cost, while offering many important features. For example, the photo/video recording function is particularly useful in the field of surveillance.


Thermal rifle scope InfiRay Holo 25

The InfiRay Holo HL25 thermal imager is a multi-functional direct-view thermal imaging sight incorporated with a unique thermal imaging detector. It is an ideal thermal imaging camera for shotgun use. Upgraded 2.69 inch AMOLED display


Thermal systems Konus Flame 0.6X-2.4X 7953

While being very compact and competitively priced, our #7953 model is among the most versatile on the market.
It allows you to choose from 4 different palettes, has a photo/video recording function and is also capable of transferring thermal images via wi-fi, so you can view them live on your mobile phone if you wish.


Bushnell EQUINOX Z 6X50 night vision

Bushnell EQUINOX Z 6X50 night vision

With the digital Equinox Z Night Vision monoculars from Bushnell, you’ll be able to enjoy outstanding optical clarity, ultimate illumination and an unmatched field of view. Features such as zoom, image capture, video recording and daytime color lead the way in our new flagship series.