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Co2 12g Shell umarex

Umarex Co2 cartridge, among the best co2 shells on the market,

full charge and full pressure unlike other brands which do not give the right performance and durability


Airsoft bb VFC 0,20g white

New Vega force company bbs

extremely precise bbs, they have minimum tolerances, highly recommended on high ROF, precision rods from 6.01

furthermore we recommend the use of these pellets on all high quality and construction precision replicas

Pack of 1 kg with 5000 bb


Target bbs 0,20g 1 kg

Target BBs have a perfectly smooth surface with no welds and no air pockets inside. To meet the different needs of airsoft players,

The pellets with the best value for money on the market, also tested on precision barrels, ideal for limiting the risk of blocking the pellets in the barrel



AIRSOFT-Gas also works in low temperature conditions and is odorless. Thanks to the content of silicone oil, your weapons will always work and protected and will not block even after the first signs of icing.

Maximum quality pressure gas - this is what makes this product special.

Psionic BBs Biodegradable Psionic BBs Biodegradable -€0.10
  • -€0.10

Psionic BBs 0,25g Biodegradable

High quality biodegradable BBs for the exclusive use of AIRSOFT, with a diameter of 5.95mm, proposed by PSI ONIC-UPGRADES to guarantee safe use in respect of the environment.
They are recommended in combination with the other PSI ONIC products and also in the presence of alternative systems or standard BUCKING.

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