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Crossbow compound pistol SKORPION 55I138

The Skorpion compound crossbow pistol has a compact design (30 x 33 cm) and is easy to load and use. Inside the package there are two types of darts, respectively 3 "and 6.5"

Power stroke 5.5 "Cord / e 53R635
Net weight 590 g Length 30 cm
Width 33 cm

Crossbow pistol PXB80 Ram R10111

The PXB 80 trigger gun is a great choice for those looking for a traditional crossbow pistol with a solid and reliable construction. Simple to assemble it is equipped with safe and supplied as standard with three aluminum bolts. Easy loading.

Data sheet
Power stroke 6.8 "Speed 160 fps
Net weight 900 g Length 51 cm
Width 42 cm Model PXB 80



Crossbow gun with a very aggressive look that differs from the standard RX model thanks to a practical magazine positioned on the rail that allows the darts to be housed inside, so as not to have to insert them one at a time as in a common crossbow, in fact they are loaded one on top of the other and it will therefore be sufficient to load the crossbow each time the dart is thrown to fire in rapid sequence.


EK Crossbow Accelerator 370 185 lbs camo 55I212

Accelerator crossbow, all the latest technological discoveries available to date all fused together in this monster of power and precision.
Definitely the best crossbow in relation to weight, size and power.
Professional crossbow rifle with all-aluminum structure for a very low weight but with the same strength as other much heavier metal alloys.
The stock is made entirely with innovative technopolymers that give it an unparalleled lightness.


EK Crossbow Blade + 175 lbs black 55I213

EK BLADE + 175 LBS. New professional crossbow with tactical structure for a very low weight but with the same strength as other much heavier metal alloys. Equipped with the most modern technologies. Excellent item for fishing, hunting, and sporting competitions. Produced by EK ARCHERY