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AEG internal parts

Rifle body and accessories

Accessories and small parts of the bodies for airsoft guns: Magazine releases, pins, cocking levers, small parts

Rifle body accessories

Rifle body and accessories

CNC Wedge Pins AR15 7052 CNC Wedge Pins AR15 7052

CNC Wedge Pins AR15 7052

CNC Wedge Pins AR15, pin for AR15 / M4 softair series, which allows you to tighten the upper to the lower eliminating the play due to inaccuracies or wear between the 2

the set includes 2 complete pins, by combining the various components you can configure 4 different lengths to best adapt them to your airsoft rifle

the configurations that you will be able to have will be respectively: a 33mm and a 38mm pin, or, a 35mm and a 36mm pin
VFC SR16 Dummy Bolt VFC SR16 Dummy Bolt

VFC SR16 Dummy Bolt

The VFC SR16 Dummy Bolt, in silver color, is an original spare part for VFC M4 and M16 series that allows you to restore the bolt catch on your electric airsoft replica. This component is designed to maintain the functionality of the bolt catch on your replica, enhancing the realism and authentic appearance of your airsoft gun.


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