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Hydration systems

Hydration systems

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Salomon Soft Reservoir 1,6l Insulated LC1418400

Staying hydrated is important all year round. This is why we have adapted our classic SOFT RESERVOIR to your summer and winter adventures. The tank and insulated tube keep the water from overheating or freezing, while the bite-activated frost protection valve allows you to drink easily on the go, whatever the temperature.
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TRITAN BOTTLE Wide Mouth (550 ml) Clear Helikon Tex

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Water is life. It’s the water availability that often decides the outcome and route of our hike. Lazily flowing creek makes for ideal night relaxation and sleep. But sometimes you have to move on. One can’t take the whole creek with him, but we offer the Tritan™ Water Bottle though, that takes a liter of water, or any other liquid


Salomon Soft Flask 500ml LC1312100

With the thermoformed bottom, the 42 mm wide cap and the high flow valve, the SOFT FLASK 500ml / 17oz SPEED 42 makes it even easier and faster to drink, fill and store it, so you can concentrate on the path to face. By shrinking as you drink to limit the hassle of the water moving inside, this flask allows you to understand exactly how much water is left.