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Digi Softair custom rifles

Rifles modified in our specialized laboratory, you will find ASG high speed up to 55-60bb / sec or simply optimizations on the air group to allow you to gain precision and range
Digi Softair custom rifles

Digi Softair custom rifles

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Digi Softair Custom E&LAK 74-N AIR TAC with TITAN Advance V3 11.1v ready

Airsoft rifle E&L AKS74UN MOD C For lovers of the AK series this can only be the definitive choice

CUSTOM VERSION WITH TITAN GATE ADVANCE V3, 11.1 ready, 22bbs for second, 96m/s with 0.2g bb


Tappet plate V3 SHS

Evolution piston

Cylinder modify

cylinder head modify

piston head modify

Hop up rubber VFV

m100 spring

-4 denti all'ingranaggio settoriale

General characteristics:
Collapsible Football
Tactical Handguard with Standard 20 mm Rails for Accessories such as Lasers or Flashlights
Strap holder ring in the stock
Battery compartment above the breech (AK Style battery)

Technical Features: What exactly do you find in the Platinum version?
New Gearbox Shell with 9mm ball bearings and quick spring change system
Spring guide with ball bearings
CNC steel gears 18: 1 ratio
One-piece CNC steel cylinder
O-ring sealed nozzle
High Tech piston reinforced with three steel teeth
High torque ELM170 motor with neodymium magnets
Silver coated wiring for minimal resistance

Length: 495/735 mm
Weight: 3140 g

The package includes
Replica AKS74U
120 BB Mid-cap Magazine
Bottle of oil
Spare 30A fuse
QA test certificate

E&L has emerged as the new standard on the AK market. This manufacturer has set itself the task of creating airsoft guns that come as close as possible to the original model. All attachments are made in the same factory as the originals.
The material used is as far as possible the same: steel, wooden elements or high-tech polymer. Some of the flawless parts also come from the same production line.
As far as possible, the original 1: 1 specification has been adopted for all parts, both in terms of material, size and finish.
All steel parts have been anodized, which further strengthens the authenticity. The parts are therefore much more robust than if they were just painted.
Also, the weight is very similar to the original! Weight distribution is similar to the model. Furthermore, each AK E&L, like the original, can be largely disassembled without tools. All these features combined make the E&L AK by far the most impressive AK replica on the airsoft market.
The steel parts have been blued, which makes them very realistic. Even wear over time is more authentic than an artificially painted "used look". The only aluminum metal parts are the 20mm RIS handguard and mounting rail, which can be used for mounting various accessories.

All E&L replicas are supplied with delivery resistant technology oil, which protects the material from moisture and other impurities during transport. A mix of oil, steel and lacquered wood creates a unique smell, which should be particularly known to soldiers and makes unpacking an adventure.

Not only externally, E&L can convince in complete line! The engineers were inspired by the best manufacturers and also incorporate their own ideas. Sealing is ensured by Silent Pistonhead and perfectly matched head. The Spring Guide is equipped with ball bearings and the Sector Gear has a retarding clip, especially useful for powerful batteries and high rate of fire. By default, a 6.04mm precision barrel is also installed.

New is the improved standard gearbox. The most obvious difference is the quick spring change system! This allows a simple and tool-free spring change without having to laboriously open the GearBox and close it again.

In addition, many components have improved over generation 1, for example: gearbox, gears, cylinder, nozzle, spring guide and wiring. These improvements ensure better reliability, higher ROF and lower energy consumption.


Digi Softair Custom Lancer Tactical M4 enforcer PDW 11.1v ready

Standard technical specifications and custom components installed:
Recommended battery Lipo 11.1v, speed 24bbs / sec, power 0.98joule approx
Gearbox: Version 2
Gears: Steel, MODIFY
Bushings: 8mm steel
Cylinder: EXTREMA AIRSOFT polished aluminum
SHS cylinder head
Hop up rubber G&G BLUE
MODIFY piston head
Motor: High-Torque with long shaft
Wiring: Low resistance with King Arms switch
Charger: 1 X 90 Shots
Battery: 11.1V recommended (not included)
Hop-Up: Yes V2
Weight: 2,4Kg
Inner barrel diameter: 6.03mm


- Robust aluminum construction
- Upper Weaver / Piccatinny rail for mounting optics and accessories
- V2 metal gearbox with 8mm bushings,
- Piston with all metal teeth
- Hi-Torque engine
- Low resistance wiring
- 6.03mm precision barrel
- Adjustable stock for maximum stability.
- Quick release spring guide.
Material: Metal and polymer
Operation: Electric
Fire Mode: Safe / Semi Auto / Auto


    Lancer electric rifle
    1x 90-round metal magazine


Evolution Recon Stealth PDW 8 M-LOK Metal Digi softair custom 11.1v ready EC27AR

Evolution Recon Stealth PDW 8 ”M-LOK Metal EC27AR

Digi softair custom 11.1v ready 27 bb / sec 0.94joule (power may vary based on altitude and type of bbs used)

ASG full metal
equipment: 130bb midcap charger, front metal handle (as in the photo)

The gearbox features first-class internal components such as a reinforced piston with all steel teeth, CNC machined aluminum cylinder, steel gears, steel bushings.

The asg is equipped with a 6.01 precision barrel and a rotary hop up chamber for greater accuracy and a large firing range.

-dmac piston head
- Cilndro dmac head
- magic box cylinder
- classic army pro high speed 16: 1 gears
-Madbull black piston
- M100 spring

all modified and optimized in order to withstand high Rofs and guarantee excellent reliability


Lancer Tactical PDW 4 Digi Softair Custom Full metal

The Lancer Tactical generation 2 Pro Line series is among the most advanced on the market in terms of technology and design.

This model was developed in our laboratory to ensure more reliability and more performance. They have been installed

GEARS high speed and alge force, treated and machined with a 16: 1 ratio, installed a Delayer, Eliminated the ETU and installed a G&G switch to increase reliability even in the rain, revised the entire gearbox and modified everything so as to avoid hooking up while running with 11.1V lipo battery, brought to a power of 0.94joule, speed 22bb / sec, ready to race

The immediately striking feature is the Lancer Fast Trigger, modeled on the FLAT competition triggers.

The Lancer series mounts full metal GEN2 Gearbox with 8mm bushings to less stress the mechanics, quick release spring guide and 1 Joule spring