Folding knives

Military and civil folding knives from the best brands to a selection of entry level products with an excellent quality / price ratio:

Extrema Ratio, Viper, Muela, Zero Tolerance, Boker, Gerber, Leatherman, Opinel, Buck, Crkt, Victorinox, Umarex, Marttinii, Ruike, Ganzo, K25

Folding knives

Folding knives

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Credit card knife pocket RAM R60606

Ruike P108-SF Knife
Crafted almost exclusively of Stainless Steel, this simple yet elegant knife is of utmost quality. The neatly stonewashed metallic body is complimented by little details making this an exquisite EDC pocket knife. The frame lock is additionally enhanced by a “Beta Plus” lock which is more reliable and secure in preventing accidental blade closure.

ELITE FORCE EF 126 Walther Folding knife U5M0926X

With its black blade and aluminum handle, the Elite Force EF126 is a well-proportioned object and elegant. The 104 mm blade, made of sturdy 440 C steel, is secured by a safe type.

Liner Lock. Handling the knife is simple: just press on the fin and the blade will pop out.
In addition, the fin and the pin on the other side of the handle provide protection for the hand. With its aluminum handle, the EF126 is pleasantly light.


Opinel Inox N° 8

The famous French company Opinel, a folding has become a timeless classic.
Stainless steel blade Sandvik (carbon content 0.4%).
Handle beech wood.
Virobloc exclusive system to lock the blade in closing and opening.

Folding Blade
Blade length 8 cm
Smooth Sharpening
Tip type Normal
Blade thickness 2 mm
Absent Surface Treatment
12C27 Stainless Steel
Lock Collar Lock Blade
Natural Handle Material