Folding knives

Military and civil folding knives from the best brands to a selection of entry level products with an excellent quality / price ratio:

Extrema Ratio, Lionsteel, Viper, Muela, Zero Tolerance, Boker, Gerber, Leatherman, Opinel, Buck, Crkt, Victorinox, Umarex, Marttinii, Ruike, Ganzo, K25

these items are freely salable to people over the age of 18 as leisure equipment and tools, practical for any type of use, from fishing to camping, hiking or bushcraft activities

Folding knives

Folding knives

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Import Spider Plain 006 Folding Knife

The Import SPIDER PLAIN 006 is an entry-level knife that offers a combination of functionality and value. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring excellent durability and strength. The handle is constructed from lightweight aluminum, providing a solid grip during use.


Folding Knife Revolver Combo 008

Razorfish Folding Knife GERBER
Thoughtfully blending practical function and inspired design into one polished package, this knife springs into action with a finger flipper. A Wharncliffe-style blade offers dual cutting edges, a stamped fish bone grooved handle lends a stylishly confident grip.

Folding knife All Black Combo 007

The Import ALLBLACK COMBO 007 is an entry-level knife that offers a sleek and versatile design. The blade is made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. The handle is constructed from lightweight aluminum, providing a comfortable grip during use.

Opinel inox N° 6

The Opinel Inox N° 6 features a stainless steel blade made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, renowned for its corrosion resistance and durability. The blade is perfect for everyday tasks and provides reliable cutting performance.


Opinel Inox N° 8

The Opinel Inox N° 8 features a stainless steel blade made of Sandvik stainless steel with a carbon content of 0.4%. The blade has a smooth edge, a regular point, and a thickness of 2 mm. The surface of the blade does not have any special treatments.


Opinel Inox N 9

The N ° 09 is one of the first knives designed by Joseph Opinel, made in 1896. Like the rest of the Tradition range, the excellent design has survived over time. The reliable 9 cm stainless steel blade ensures high quality cuts and high corrosion resistance. The beech used for the handle guarantees resistance and comfort. Useful for any type of use, it will be the faithful companion of all DIY enthusiasts.


Opinel Inox n°10

The Opinel Inox n°10 features a stainless steel blade made of Sandvik stainless steel with a carbon content of 0.4%. The blade is sturdy and durable, ready to tackle various tasks.


Victorinox Hunter Pro Alox Limited Edition 2023

Energizing, bold and fresh ... bring a ray of sunshine into your day with our Hunter Pro Alox Limited Edition 2023 in energizing electric yellow. With four functions and durable aluminum scales, it's a practical pocket knife that's bursting with brightness. Gift it or keep it all to yourself—this collectible tool pushes design boundaries to luminous new heights.


Opinel Inox N 7

A classic of the "made in France" knife. Created by Joseph Opinel over 120 years ago, the N ° 07 remains a symbol of the brand. It is ideal for camping and picnics, but will always accompany you in everyday life as well.


ELITE FORCE EF 154 Walther Folding knife U5M1305X

The gray titanized EF154 combines a slim design with a large blade and an excellent grip. With an impressive length of 204 mm, it is easy to guide. The framelock keeps the blade securely in place. The handle with lanyard hole gives you a firm grip, and finger grooves provide additional support. This knife will sit well in your hand when you use the 89 mm droppoint blade. A thumb rest helps you apply the necessary pressure.


Knife G7452P-WS by ganzo

Ganzo G7452Р-WS model was designed for nature trips. It will be useful for fishermen, tourists and hunters. It is a folding knife and meets all demands for practical camping blade. It does not rust, easily sharpened and securely transported. Ganzo G7452Р-WS model has a pattern on cover plates – large textured mesh.


Coltello Boker plus AK74 01ak74b LINER LOCK

Coltello chiudibile liner lock con lama teflonata nera parzialmente seghettata.

La serie AK-74 è un'innovativa interpretazione della serie Kalashnikov ideata da Dietmar Pohl. 
La lama ricorda la baionetta dell'AK-74 ed è in acciaio inox AUS-8.
Tutti i coltelli di questa serie hanno una pratica clip.


Ruike P801 SB Knife

The Ruike P801 SB is a reliable and versatile companion, combining practical functionality with exquisite design. Whether for daily tasks or outdoor adventures, this stainless steel EDC pocket knife is the perfect tool to have by your side.

Ruike P875-SZ Knife

With a 14C28N stainless steel blade, renowned for its combination of strength, hardness, and edge retention, the P875-SZ is a robust and reliable tool, perfectly suited to meet various needs, both indoors and outdoors. The 420 stainless steel handle offers durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring seamless use over time.


Ruike P155-B

P155, ThumbUp safety lock

The profile from the blade point to the end of handle is ergonomically curved. The curved handle provides a comfortable grip along with contoured G10 scales, while the tailing-point blade features a long belly of curved cutting edge for multiple cutting tasks. In addition, the safety lock guarantees knife reliability and thus protects users in extensive and various application. A finger choil helps to make the point of the P155 more controllable, which will play a key role in delicate work.

Ganzo Knife G7533-CF carbon fiber

Ganzo G7533-CF also has all necessary qualities to become a faithful companion for its owner. It doesn't rust when you use the knife in wet conditions. G7533-CF has 440C stainless steel blade. This material belongs to the number of corrosion resistant alloys.


Opinel n°8 Mushrooms Knife

The Opinel Mushroom Gathering Knife, also known as Opinel knife n°8, is a versatile tool designed specifically for mushroom foraging. It is proudly made in France, reflecting the renowned craftsmanship of Opinel knives.


Knife Firebird FH31 green by ganzo

The blade features a Wharncliffe shape with a perfectly straight and razor-sharp cutting edge. About two-thirds of the blade's length, starting from the handle, is nearly straight, with a sharp drop to the knife's edge. This section of the blade includes a false edge. The Firebird FH31 model has an 86 mm blade length with a thickness of 3 mm. The blade is finished with a satin polish, leaving small cross notches on the metal surface, hardly visible but not affecting its smoothness.


Knife Firebird FH31-CF by ganzo

The blade of the knife is crafted from D2 steel, which falls under the semi-stainless steel category due to its carbon content exceeding 0.5%. However, the addition of nickel and chromium significantly enhances its resistance to corrosion. Therefore, simply drying the blade after use is sufficient to ensure that the Firebird FH31 CF serves you for many years. The D2 steel has a hardness rating of 60 HRC, allowing the blade to maintain its sharpness over extended use. However, if you wish to sharpen the knife yourself, even in the field, a bit of practice may be necessary.


Ferrum T Tactical Mud Extrema Ratio

Introducing the Ferrum T, a folding knife designed with distinct tactical features, boasting a spear point blade with a lightening hole. With its slim and compact form, the two handles, crafted from anticorodal anodized aluminum, create a grip that is lightweight, sleek, and simultaneously highly resilient. This knife can be easily slipped into a pocket, snugly fit into compact torch pouches, or securely fastened within a M.O.L.L.E. system loop.


Ferrum T Black Warfare Extrema Ratio

Introducing the Ferrum T, a folding knife with clear tactical characteristics, featuring a spear point blade with a lightening hole. With its sleek and compact design, the two handles made from anticorodal anodized aluminum create a lightweight, streamlined, and highly durable grip. This knife can be easily stowed in a pocket, snugly fit into small torch pouches, or securely attached to a M.O.L.L.E. system loop.


Ruike M108-TZ Titanium Knife

The Ruike M108-TZ is the Titanium version of our best-selling P108. The M108-TZ will bring users an enhanced, yet familiar experience for those used to the P108. Our M108-TZ features a titanium handle, 154CM blade steel, and a "Beta Plus" safety lock.


Gerber Keynote Folding Pocket

The Gerber Key Note Folding Pocket 4L 31-003792 is a versatile knife that offers a surprising amount of utility in a compact size. The dual-use blade can be deployed using a starter tab and secured open with a nail nick, providing both a scraping and cutting edge. The stout blade can be conveniently carried in various ways: on a belt, in a pocket, or on a keychain.


Gerber Prybrid Utility Tactical Grey 31-003746

The Prybrid Utility includes 8 tools: a pry bar, nail puller, wire stripper, small flathead driver, large flathead driver, bottle opener, cord cut notch, and an interchangeable standard utility blade. Its straightforward design combines the functionality of a replaceable utility blade knife and a compact multi-tool. It's meant to be carried in a pocket or on a keychain, providing immediate access when things go wrong.


Gerber Prybrid-X Green 31-003740

As the name suggests, the Prybrid X is a hybrid tool that combines the best features of a replaceable hobby blade knife and a compact multi-tool. Designed to be carried in a pocket or on a keychain, it eliminates the need for a sheath and provides immediate access to its 8 built-in tools.


Hunter pro Orange folding knife VICTORINOX

We developed the HunterPro pocket knife specifically for hunters in the USA who required a smaller, higher caliber knife. The large blade is incredibly strong and easily accessible with one hand; and the ergonomic shape ensures a very stable grip. but it looks even better when it's in your hands to get the job done.