Multi-Tools Knives

Multipurpose knives with infinite accessories, you will find various brands but we have a special selection of Victorinox, including Limited Series and Exclusive Special Series

these items are freely salable to people over the age of 18 as leisure equipment and tools, practical for any type of use, from fishing to camping, hiking or bushcraft activities

Multi-Tools Knives

Multi-Tools Knives

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Victorinox Spartan ITALIAN CAMO exclusive edition

Spartan Victorinox Exclusive Edition Italian Camo

Medium Pocket Knife with Can Opener

When you hear the words Swiss Army Knife, chances are you think of the legendary Officer's knife. And that legend continues with the Spartan pocket knife. This is the pocket knife that started it all. The one that helped people all around the world to get the job done. And wherever your everyday adventures take you, the Spartan is ready.


Victorinox Climber ITALIAN CAMO exclusive edition

Victorinox Climber ITALIAN CAMO exclusive edition

Welcome to the world of the Officer's knife. This is where the legend of the Swiss Army Knife began. And it continues today with the Climber pocket knife. Its 14 functions are as sharp, strong and intuitive as you need them to be. So no matter if you're climbing up the corporate ladder or a class 5 crag, the Climber is with you all the way to the top.


Victorinox Classic Alox Limited Edition 2022

The new Alox Limited Edition for 2022 is in its most essential and stunning form. A timeless aesthetic that this year features a Thunder Gray colorway. Inspired by the energy of a storm, this pocket knife conveys timeless sophistication. Made of superior quality aluminum


Victorinox Pioneer X Alox Limited Edition 2022

Intrepid and resilient, our Pioneer X Alox Limited Edition 2022 is a multifunctional tool of power and purpose. This season it’s rocking its most timeless, dramatic look to date. Striking and strong, the Thunder Gray colorway of the anodized aluminum scales is inspired by the elemental energy of a storm. Transcend trends and ensure reliability with a pocket knife of distinction.

Victorinox Pioneer X Alox Limited Edition 2023

Power through 2023 with a pocket knife that brings a burst of energized optimism to your day. The new Pioneer X Alox Limited Edition 2023 features tough anodised and embossed aluminum scales in a zingy electric yellow colourway. With nine handy functions for essential tasks, it's an energized fusion of vitality and performance.


Victorinox Classic SD Alox Limited Edition 2023

Exclusive Pocket Knife in Electric Yellow Meet the new standout tool of our ever-popular Alox Limited Edition series. For 2023, we've chosen a bold electric yellow color that radiates intense energy and a singular aesthetic. Our Classic SD model features anodised and embossed aluminum scales for impeccable durability, while the five functions easily tackle practical tasks. Burst into a bright future with this collectible knife with superior style credentials.


Victorinox Tourist red 85mm

How far will you travel today in search of adventure? Sometimes it's halfway around the world, and other times it's just down the block. Either way, with the Tourist knife in your pocket, you're ready to be the captain of every journey.

Victorinox Swiss Spirit Limited Edition 2023

Some designs are so special they are coveted forever. Our Swiss Spirit Limited Edition 2023 is a true piece of collectible artistry and features an innovative box opener to easily deal with packages. Uniquely crafted in richly grained walnut wood with a finely lasered design inspired by what makes Switzerland great, this is a limited edition to treasure. Invest in one of the 12,000 pieces of inimitable Swissness.

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