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Fenix FD41 flashlight 900...


Fenix FD41 flashlight 900 lumens


Fenix FD41 is fitted with an optical lens with total reflective coating. Revolving the focusing ring moves the head and the optical lens forward and backward from the LED, thus...

Fenix TK25 IR 1000lumens...


Fenix TK25 IR version is a tactical flashlight dedicated for policing, hunting and other tactical applications. The innovative mode switching structure allows easy switching between the white and infrared lights by infinitely turning the...

Flashlight FENIX PD35 TAC...



The Fenix PD35 TAC (Tactical Edition), remains in pocket-size but in higher performance and focuses on tactical employment. Measured at less than 14cm long, it features up to 1000-lumen output and throwing distance...

Fenix TK72R 9000 Lumens


FenixTK72R is a portable high performance flashlight - a smart aid for night outdoor searching and rescuing and industrial tasks, as well as a backup lighting tool for your self-driving journeys.

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KONUSCAP led Konus


The #3911 KONUSCAP ia brand new product with a very innovative concept: this small yet powerful source of light can be firmly placed on the brim of every activity of yours. Battery life: 50 hours.