AK104 PMC-C Platinum Version (EL-A110-C E&L) E&L

AK104 PMC-C Platinum Version (EL-A110-C E&L) E&L

The New Generation E&L replicas have been equipped with a new gearbox as standard! First of all, the quick spring exchange system - Quick Release.

This system allows you to quickly adjust the power of the replica to the user's needs by swapping the mainspring, without opening the gearbox.

The new generation has improved a lot compared to the previous models: the skeleton of the shells, gears, cylinder, piston pin, spring guide and wiring have been replaced. The new solutions guarantee higher level, higher ROF and lower energy consumption.

  • Pay in 3 interest-free instalments
    Pay in 3 interest-free instalments
  • Shipments orders in 24h with express curier (see conditions of sale)
    Shipments orders in 24h with express curier (see conditions of sale)
  • Guaranteed return (see conditions of sale)
    Guaranteed return (see conditions of sale)
  • Availability of warehouse updated in real time
    Availability of warehouse updated in real time
  • Secure payments
    Secure payments
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The manufacturer has set himself the task of creating replicas with the highest possible quality of materials and perfect aesthetics, with materials used, as close as possible to the real counterparts, modifying the production in the same factory where it produced firearms!
Therefore E&L products are mostly made of steel; the components in hand finished wood and high quality composite and certainly able to compete with the best brands on the market (even in price).
The quality and performance allow it to be both a beautiful wall decoration as well as being a very effective ASG in Game. Also, some exterior parts are the same as the original weapon as they come off the same production line!

Externally, it is a 1:1 copy of the original, fully according to military specifications. This means that it is possible to exchange items between the replica and the real one (hardly any other manufacturer offers this).

Wooden elements were made by hand, guaranteeing their high quality and uniqueness at the same time. Another element that makes them unique is the serial number placed on the receiver.
The steel components have been oxidized, which makes them look even more realistic. In addition, the wear and tear process that takes place over time makes oxidized surfaces look much better than painted or varnished replicas.

Even in terms of weight, everything has been done to ensure realism. The replica is heavy, and a solid steel outer barrel ensures proper balance. A noteworthy feature is certainly the possibility of a partial disassembly of the replica, as happens with the real one, without any particular tools required; Everything is based on pins and levers.
The manufacturer has paid attention to even the smallest details to make their product closer in resemblance to the real thing.

E&L engineers have chosen the best solutions among those already available on the market for the internal parts and added some of their own improvements.

A reinforced GB ver.3 with standard mechanics driven by a high torque motor (M120).

In the air unit, the lightened piston does not have an upper guide, which minimally affects the stability of its operation, but significantly decreases friction.

The replica battery is located under the receiver cover. The lid is mounted on a latch, which allows for quick removal and replacement of the power source at any time.

For the Italian market, the replica is equipped with an M90 spring, which allows for a muzzle velocity of ~300 FPS.

Attached to each replica, which includes the serial number, name and quality control stamps: the quality of the exterior, the functionality and the contents of the package.

The replica normally comes with a single stack magazine with a capacity of 120 BBs.

Single stack magazine 120 BBs

Length 815 / 900mm

Inner barrel 360 mm





Data sheet

Weapon Model
AK / SVD Series
7.4v Usage battery
Full Metal

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