NERG grey backpack Ice Rock PLUS 40

NERG grey backpack Ice Rock PLUS 40 / 45L 2nd generation

N.E.R.G. backpack Ice Rock PLUS 40 / 45L 2nd generation
The N.ER.G. backpacks Openland - Anatomic System have been designed to be the ideal solution to the needs of top professionals:

the hardware is black

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    Pay in 3 interest-free instalments
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    Shipments orders in 24h with express curier (see conditions of sale)
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that is, for those who need to use them for long and intensive work with heavy loads, special and hazardous (special military units - Forestry - guides and mountain rescue - etc.). Less tired and aching after a long march or any other demanding activity with a major load on the shoulders: this is Anatomic, backpacks at the service.

Anatomic has been studied and designed according to orthopedic principles; It is an original and innovative structure. Anatomic backrest ensures a perfect distribution of weight across the back allowing you to carry heavy loads for a long time with less effort, expenditure of energy and without painful pressure on his back, blood vessels, nerves, spine, even ... Anatomic is in stutturato so as to ensure maximum stability, strength and protection, while ensuring flexibility and adattabilià anatomy of the back, to dress each one individually and comfortable way "like a glove." The Anatomic backrest is substantially composed of:
• Aluminum bar central / vertical 6061-T6 • Poles fiberglass: it is crossed diagonal poles inside the backrest (a support and flexibility of the entire area of ​​the same), enclosed into the back system, and accessible from within the rucksack by opening the velcro + zipper of the main compartment. • anatomical cushioned bearings: they are differentiated structure and consisting of a combination of foam of polyurethane (PU FOAM open cells) open-cell foam and EVA (EVA FOAM close cells) closed cell. • Contact Areas: are covered with a double layer of AIR MESH breathable and pleasant to the touch (SANDWICH AIR MESH). Moreover, the reliefs and bas-reliefs create the conditions for a pleasant air circulation (ventilation channels and anatomy). The central vertical aluminum bar, being hollowed out in the back, never pressing on the spine of the wearer. • Shoulder straps: the shape of a "D" anatomical and comfortable padding "cushioning" is antischock. Stabilizers and shoulder adjusters. • waist harness: important, snug, soft and anatomic inside, rigid and strong outside.
The backpack is made up of three superimposed compartments, easy to access, they are: open easily and completely with top quality guaranteed and hinges: • Main compartment (near the back) with two long pockets for shovel, probe, sticks, etc.). • intermediate compartment. • Front Compartment. 6 ski-equipment loops plates with retaining straps 2 + 2 special slots on the semi-rigid waist belt to attack materials (carabiners, etc.) Ready for use. 2 vertical clamps 7 of material attachment positions with two quick release hooks. 2 portapiccozza slots on the bottom. 4 stringizaino triangular bands for additional locking of the load and greater coverage and zippers and waterproof protection. 2 pockets "therein is skiing base" with side compression straps / bottom. Hooks / levers / accessories: a recognized brand: ITW NEXUS + DURAFLEX NATIONAL MOLDING.


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