Knife Firebird FH51-GB green by ganzo

Knife Firebird FH51-GY gray blue by ganzo

Knife Firebird FH51-GY by ganzo

Model of Firebird FH51 knife is focused on a wide range of tasks. It is suitable for hiking, fishing trips, everyday use in the city. It is a foldable knife made of high-quality stainless steel with attractive and practical design, and high durability.

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    Pay in 3 interest-free instalments
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    Shipments orders in 24h with express curier (see conditions of sale)
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Firebird FH51 is a multi-purpose folding knife which is equally well suited for hiking, picnics and fishing, use and EDC every day tool. Its blade is made of D2 steel which by its composition is considered to be semi-stainless because contains only 12% of chromium. But molybdenum and vanadium impurities make the metal more resistant to aggressive environment, increase its durability and prevent crispness. Of all the alloys of its category, D2 is the most stainless steel.

The knife blade length is 81 mm. Manufacturers configured it as Clip-point. It has a lowered butt with false blade, marked edge and rather long cutting edge. Sharpening in this model is smooth along the whole length. There is a notch closer to the handle on the low part of the blade, and on the top part there is a ribbed area, which protects from slipping of fingers during work with a knife. The blade color of this model is kept natural grey. The metal is grinded by a popular satin finish.

Firebird FH51 handle is made of two linings from G10 which are intertwisted by several bolts. They have a smooth-rounded shape which is the most convenient for keeping a knife in the palm and its long use. The lining surface is specially made rough, so that the grip of the knife is sturdier, and it does not slide in wet palms or gloves. As for the color, 3 options are available for customers at once: black, blue and brown. A through hole is provided in the tail end of the handle for threading lanyard through it. Also, a clip is screwed to one side of the handle.

Firebird FH51 model is equipped with Flipper lock which easily and quickly allows you to bring it to a state ready for work and not worry about a possible closure during operation.

This knife weight is 87 g.


  • Knife blade is foldable;
  • Blade length is 81 mm;
  • Blade configuration is Clip-point;
  • Sharpening of cutting edge is smooth;
  • Blade is made of D2 steel;
  • Metal hardness is 60HRC;
  • Knife handle is framed with linings from G10;
  • Total length of opened knife is 185 mm;
  • Model weight is 87 g;
  • Knife is available in several color options.

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