BALLISTOL Universal Oil spray 50ml

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BALLISTOL - Multi-purpose and respects the environment
Since 1904 BALLISTOL, being the first alkaline weapons lubricant oil, is used with enthusiasm not only for the care of weapons, but has also become indispensable in crafts, industry, at home and in the premises for its hobby.


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BALLISTOL - Multi-purpose and respects the environment
Since 1904 BALLISTOL, being the first alkaline weapons lubricant oil, is used with enthusiasm not only for the care of weapons, but has also become indispensable in crafts, industry, at home and in the premises for its hobby.
BALLISTOL, being a high quality special lubricating oil, combines cleanliness, rust protection, sliding and disinfection. Furthermore BALLISTOL is completely free of resin and acid. Therefore it has an almost legendary reputation all over the world. No other lubricating oil is so multi-purpose.
On metal surfaces BALLISTOL (iron, steel, nickel, chrome) cleans and at the same time preserves. Thanks to its alkalinity reduces the oxygen transmitters causing rust, protects from rust, neutralizes weak acids and due to the low surface tension is able to slip into very fine cracks and hidden corners. BALLISTOL is produced from precious substances of pharmaceutical purity and respecting strict hygiene regulations. All the agents are natural products or are present in compounds of natural products which in the biological cycle are completely degradable. The non-volatile substances containing BALLISTOL-Oil and BALLISTOL-Spray correspond to the decree on the admission of additional food law. Therefore it is suitable for use in the food and beverage industry for the care and maintenance of parts in contact with products. Even a consumption by accident is not harmful to health.
BALLISTOL for the care of weapons
Clean the barrel and the cartridge bearing with a combing waste or a BALLISTOL impregnated felt plug. Depending on the degree of dirt repeat several times. Instill or sprinkle the individual parts and the magazine and dry with a lint-free fabric. If there are traces of metal in the barrel, use the BALLISTOL abundantly. Then clean with a combing waste or dry felt cap and pull it from the cartridge bearing towards the mouth. If you intend to deposit the weapon for a long time, leave it covered with BALLISTOL. In this case, however, clean with dry fabric before using the weapon next time! Clean the outer parts of the weapon with a very thin layer of BALLISTOL. Do not apply it too violently, as this leads to the mechanical abrasion of burnishing: BALLISTOL takes care of and preserves your weapon, keeps the mechanism sliding and eliminates residues of pellets in the barrel. Applied densely, BALLISTOL, after some time, forms a white film similar to Vaseline which at the same time protects from corrosion and keeps the sliding of moving parts. However, this film has nothing to do with resinification! Acid combustion residues are chemically neutralized and rendered harmless. This is only possible with an alkaline lubricating oil such as BALLISTOL!
BALLISTOL for fishing
Preserves hooks, hooks for flies, bait needles, steel wire for springs. BALLISTOL keeps the rollers in good condition.
BALLISTOL in crafts and industry
In the chrome car industry, to unblock locked screws, against locked locks and grinding hinges. Care of plastics and rubbers resistant to lubricating oil. In winter protection against freezing of locks. Neutralizes battery acid or hand sweat. In fine mechanics to protect polished metal surfaces, to care for balances and sensitive precision devices, fine parts. For the storage and care of measuring instruments. In the beverage industry estimated for the maintenance of bottling plants of breweries and other beverage factories. In the butchers for production and cutting plants. In the industry of machines for the storage and care of high quality machines.
BALLISTOL for the house and the garden
Against locked locks, grinding door hinges, to care for gardening tools such as grass clippers, scissors, pipe carts and so on. For bicycles, scooters, sewing or writing machines. BALLISTOL care doors, cabinets, tables and chairs: natural wood is regenerated, stains are removed from water, the wood in original condition with opaque silk glare. Dry and chapped skin returns soft and elastic, BALLISTOL protects it from water and rotting and smooth skin gives a silky shine. Ideal for boots, saddles, bridles and strings. With BALLISTOL you can also treat suede leather which loses its natural roughness.

Keep the BALLISTOL always in the original packaging and close it well. Doing so BALLISTOL will be unlimitedly conservable and does not resin even after decades. Do not fill the BALLISTOL in so-called savings oilers (avaraccio) that contain brass parts! The BALLISTOL filled in these containers becomes green and brine. We recommend the BALLISTOL teardrop oiler. To spray on larger surfaces there is the BALLISTOL hand sprayer. Both are available in specialized shops or directly from us.
BALLISTOL is available in 50 ml drop oilers, in the 400 ml sprayer, in the 5-liter can and in large packs for the industry. In addition there is the BALLISTOL Spray 50 ml and 100 ml as well as the BALLISTOL Spray of 200 ml with additional practical spray tube. All sprays naturally without fluorocarbon, hydrocarbons, chlorides and other substances harmful to the environment.

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