Gate Titan II Bluetooth Expert for V2 GB AEG rear wired

The brand new TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 GB is GATE's flagship Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU). Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 technology gives you direct access to TITAN II Bluetooth® settings, AEG telemetry, and the ability to use your smartwatch, STATUS, and other future devices of the GATE Ecosystem.

Thanks to Gate's recent corporate policies, this version has the firmware already updated to the Expert version, therefore it is sold as the Expert Version even if the packaging could be that of the Basic

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    Pay in 3 interest-free instalments
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AEG internal parts

The TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 GB is the flagship Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) from GATE. This unit comes with integrated Bluetooth 5.2 technology, granting direct access to TITAN II Bluetooth® settings, AEG telemetry, and compatibility with smart devices like the STATUS smartwatch and future GATE Ecosystem devices.

Thanks to Gate's recent corporate policies, this version has the firmware already updated to the Expert version, therefore it is sold as the Expert Version even if the packaging could be that of the Basic

Its innovative gear sensor not only counts gears but is also the world's first to determine gear rotation direction, providing precise cycle control for AEGs. The optical trigger sensor allows for precise trigger sensitivity adjustments, offering 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement while retaining the advantages of the TITAN V2 sensor. TITAN II Bluetooth® also includes a multifunctional port for additional accessories such as bolt catch and magazine sensors, hop-up chamber tracers, and more.


  • Power Supply Voltage Range: 3.75-17 VDC
  • Rated Current: 30 A
  • Current Consumption: 27 mA
  • Low Power Mode: 100 µA
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness): 47.2 mm x 28.9 mm x 14.5 mm
  • Finished Product Weight: 28.2 g
  • Operating Temperature Range: min. -15°C, max. +50°C
  • Relative Humidity: ≤ 80%
  • Programmable Power with eFuse
  • 2x Multifunctional Port
  • Compatible Accessories:
    • Power Cable (GEL BLASTER/Electric Charger/Tracer)
    • Single Solenoid HPA
    • Double Solenoid HPA Cables
    • Divider ready for connecting multiple accessories (1x power cable and 2x I/O cables)
    • Universal I/O cable for up to 2 DIY accessories (bolt catch, magazine sensor, flashlight)
    • Bolt catch with button and cable (ready to connect)
    • Magazine sensor with cable (ready to connect)

Connect your TITAN to the GCS app via Bluetooth® for full AEG control:

  • Control your airsoft gun from your iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows device
  • Set trigger sensitivity and adjust other TITAN settings easily
  • Use Automatic Pre-Cocking for a realistic trigger response
  • Test Rate of Fire (ROF) control, magazine simulation, and other functions
  • Update firmware
  • Monitor BB counts and telemetric data
  • Conduct diagnostics and send reports
  • Virtual status for smartwatches and smartphones
  • Bolt catch and magazine sensors for a realistic reload sequence

The GCS app offers you the ability to:

  • Control your airsoft gun from Android and iOS smartphones and from Windows or macOS PCs
  • Receive real-time data from your smartwatch (with Wear OS or watchOS) for tactical decisions and an edge in battles
  • Avoid surprises with an empty magazine or low battery
  • Easily adjust TITAN settings during gameplay
  • Update firmware
  • View BB counts, electrical measurements, and statistics
  • Conduct diagnostics and send reports
  • Get the latest news from GATE Enterprise

Thanks to GATE's recent policies, this version comes with the Expert firmware pre-installed, even though the packaging may resemble that of the Basic version.


Five trigger optical sensors allow you to adjust trigger sensitivity without disassembling your AEG. Simply connect to the GATE Control Station app to tailor the trigger to your preferences and skill level.


Two selection sensors allow you to choose from various mode selection options, depending on the firmware edition. The following modes are available*:

  • SAFE: Prevents your rifle from firing, even with the safety lever removed.
  • SEMI: Allows one shot per trigger press.
  • BINARY: Fires one shot when the trigger is pressed and another when released.
  • BURST: Lets you fire a predetermined number of BBs, useful for MilSims and low-capacity magazines; two BURST modes are available:
    • Full: Fires a complete burst even if the trigger is released early.
    • Interruptible: The burst can be stopped by releasing the trigger early.
  • BURST/AUTO: Only available in Full BURST mode; extends a burst to full-auto by holding the trigger after the burst.
  • AUTO: Continues firing as long as the trigger is held.
  • SEMI RAMPING: If the trigger is pressed rapidly, it transitions to AUTO mode.

*Note: In case of regional restrictions, only SEMI mode is available. Check legal restrictions in your country.


Game victory often comes down to split seconds. The advanced cycle detection algorithm, with a dual gear sensor, allows precise and smooth pre-cocking adjustments, even in demanding configurations, enhancing trigger responsiveness. With pre-cocking, you get a trigger response similar to a real firearm. There are two pre-cocking modes:

  • AUTO Mode: The spring is automatically compressed after each shot; you can select the pre-cocking level from the list (percentages or levels).
  • MANUAL Mode: You can set pre-cocking values manually, using time settings instead of percentages; you will need to choose the time based on your tests.

*Pre-cocking now works in SEMI, BURST, and AUTO modes. Note that pre-cocking use increases gear wear and tear.


Automatic pre-cocking operates fully in SEMI, BURST, and AUTO modes, eliminating the need for manual pre-cocking adjustments; you can simply set pre-cocking to high, medium, or low. Complete Cycle: when pre-cocking is deactivated, TITAN II Bluetooth® ensures that the cycle completes fully, enhancing reliability.


This function simulates magazines with capacities lower than those actually used. Depending on the firmware edition, you can simulate magazine capacities from 1 BB to 250 BBs. Even with a high-capacity magazine, this feature increases gameplay realism by simulating limited magazine capacity. After a predetermined number of BBs are fired, you must wait for a pre-defined period before firing the next shot, as if you were replacing an empty magazine with a full one. In ADVANCED and EXPERT firmware, you can also set low ammunition warnings.


Rate of fire control allows you to reduce your weapon's rate of fire. You can use more powerful batteries and still maintain the desired rate of fire. Depending on the firmware edition, you can choose from Adaptive, Manual PWM, Manual Delay, and Manual Delay + PWM modes:

  • Adaptive: Set your desired rate of fire, and the brake and delay will automatically adjust to achieve that value.
  • Manual PWM: Set the braking power as a percentage between shots.
  • Manual Delay: Set an exact delay between shots in milliseconds.
  • Manual Delay + PWM: Set both the braking power and delay manually.


We understand the importance of a quick trigger response during combat. That's why we developed the Smart Trigger function, which provides a faster trigger response. It works in conjunction with the Rate of Fire Control System. During the first shot, the microprocessor sets the rate of fire control to 100%. After the first shot, it switches to a previously programmed value (e.g., 50%). As a result, the first shot is fired at full rate of fire, and subsequent shots are fired at a reduced rate of fire. Best results are achieved using a higher voltage battery. For example, if you're using a 7.4V battery, you can replace it with an 11.1V battery, which will provide a faster trigger response with the same rate of fire as a standard battery.

*This function works only if the rate of fire is reduced using rate of fire control power settings (ROF).


The system offers protection against battery over-discharge, which is particularly important for sensitive LiPo and LiFe batteries. The microprocessor continually monitors the battery voltage, and if it drops to a critical level, it prevents firing. The battery cell count can be detected automatically. Additionally, there's a low battery alert that provides warnings through motor vibrations when the battery voltage drops to a predefined level.


Adjust the motor braking power according to your needs. You can choose the braking power manually or set it to Adaptive Active Brake. This stops the piston in the forward position, eliminating unnecessary stresses and extending the lifespan of the gearbox and its parts.

  • Adaptive Active Brake: Automatically adjusts the motor braking power based on your replica's configuration. It extends motor lifespan and reduces heat by regulating motor braking power.

  • Manual Active Brake: Choose your desired active brake power based on your requirements.


Thanks to the gear sensor, TITAN accurately detects where the cycle should end. Therefore, even the shortest trigger action results in at least one full cycle. The sector gear's optical sensor counts every gear tooth, allowing the use of all gear types: Infinite Torque-up, DSG, SSG, 19 teeth, and standard gears. In the EXPERT firmware, you can manually select the cycle.

With cycle detection, you get:

  • Automatic Burst: No need to set burst timing. You can set the burst between 2 and 10 shots.
  • Automatic Pre-Cocking: Pre-cocking works in SEMI, BURST, and AUTO modes, eliminating the need for manual pre-cocking adjustments; you can set pre-cocking to high, medium, or low.
  • Full Cycle: When pre-cocking is deactivated, TITAN ensures the gearbox completes a full cycle for enhanced reliability.


This feature allows you to troubleshoot your AEG in case of any issues. Errors are reported as they occur, and their descriptions can be found in the GCS app. GCS enables firmware updates via the internet, allowing for quick application of changes, improvements, and bug fixes.


The smart fuse protects your AEG's battery, motor, and controller, even in case of battery polarity reversal. A combination of current, voltage, and temperature measurements ensures highly reliable AEG installation. It protects the MOSFET from overheating, overloading, and short circuits. If your airsoft gun jams, this function safeguards the motor and battery from damage.

What Makes TITAN II Special?

  • An incredible trigger sensor, with the benefits of the TITAN sensor but with the ability to set an ultra-precise trigger: up to 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement.
  • A brand-new patented gear sensor that accurately detects every gear tooth and the gear movement direction, allowing for extremely precise cycle control.
  • Mechanical protection of the trigger sensors increases their reliability, and trigger sensor damage is now covered by the warranty.
  • Ultra-precise telemetry measurements thanks to the new current sensor.
  • Pre-cocking can be set in percentage.
  • Built-in boost converter: smooth operation at low temperatures.
  • Lowest current consumption on the market. Deep sleep mode with a current consumption of only 0.1 mA prevents battery discharge (3 times lower than current ETUs, which already had the lowest current consumption on the market).

Compatibility with the GATE Ecosystem

  • Compatibility with the GATE Ecosystem, including GATE STATUS and the future hop-up chamber with tracer.
  • User-friendly GCS app for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, watchOS, Wear OS.
  • TITAN II can be connected to a smartwatch.
  • Ultra-precise telemetry measurements thanks to the new current sensor.

Multifunctional Programmable Port

  • Hop-up chamber for tracer and sensors.
  • Bolt catch.
  • HPA engine*.
  • Electric magazine.
  • Magazine sensor.
  • Flashlight.
  • And more. (For a dual solenoid engine, an additional cable or an HPA-wired version is required).


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