Precision SVD Hop-Up chamber Gen 2 Airsoftpro 9809

Gruppo Hop up per dragunov SVD a molla AIRSOFTPRO

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    Pay in 3 interest-free instalments
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The second generation of the precision SVD Hop-Up chamber. It follows very popular first generation, which has been on sale since 2011. It has been so successful that it has been copied by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

If you have a spring action SVD, you can confirm that the original chamber is not the best solution. The main problem is caused by the rubber pressure roll. Hex screw adjustment is not sensitive, so the weapon usually shoots each bullet somewhere else. And that's a pretty major minus for a sniper rifle.

The new Gen.2 chamber still retains the high-quality aluminum workmanship on precision CNC machines. And, of course, the convenient regulation of the Hop-Up pressure by adjustable ring.

Except new design, this chamber brings new feature: metal Hop-Up lever. This allows you to use any pressure rollers from third manufacturers. This new pressure occurs on a larger area of the Hop-Up bucking and gives better BBs rotation. Customer is not limited on one roller in the package, but can use any other. The package includes a 3mm rubber roller from which you can cut the required length and use it immediately. The chamber allows the use of ordinary AEG Hop-Up buckings. So also the original SVD Hop-Up bucking and barrel can be used.


     Top processing. on precision CNC machines.
     Weight 21g.
     Modern color combination with laser markings.
     Metal folding lever for ideal Hop-Up bucking pressure.
     Rotary ring with 10 positions for continuous pressure control (almost 360°).
     Anti-slip knurled surface on the ring.
     No spontaneous rotation of the ring and release of pressure.
     Package also includes 3mm roller, metal barrel lock and a safety o-ring.
     2-year warranty and the possibility of the spare parts purchase.


     Put the hop-up bucking on the barrel and spray with silicone oil.
     Remove the rotary ring from the chamber.
     Insert the HopUp bucking with the barrel into the chamber as far as possible. Properly orient the inner protrusion of the bucking with to the upper hole with the hop-up arm.
     Lift the hop-up arm and insert the nub into the hole in the chamber.
     Tilt the arm down to the chamber and thread the chamber over the barrel. Thread the rotary ring over the arm.
     Thread a rubber safety ring over the chamber, just behind the rotary ring, so that it stays in place.
     Now it is necessary to put on the barrel lock. Carefully pull the barrel a short distance out of the chamber, align the orientation of the barrel and secure with a barrel lock from the package.
     Now slide the barrel with the barrel lock back into the chamber as far as possible.


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