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Mandatory technical cookies

Technical cookies are used to allow the website to function properly and / or to provide the user with a service or function that the user has expressly requested. They therefore guarantee the normal navigation and use of the site, also allowing to save the preferences expressed by the user and thus to optimize his navigation. The site uses both first and third party technical cookies. The technical cookies used by the Sites can be divided into the following sub-categories:
  •     "user input" cookies: session cookies used to keep track of the data provided by the user by filling in the appropriate online forms (for example the forms present during the purchase process for entering the shipping or billing address) or , as happens in the case of the shopping cart, to remember the items that the user has selected and added to the cart, by clicking on the appropriate button;
  •     authentication cookies: cookies used to identify the user after login and allow them to authenticate and access the content and / or features for which this log-in is necessary (eg: purchase; access to the Personal Area);
  •     other functionality cookies: cookies that are used to activate specific functions of the Sites and to memorize the choices made by the User regarding the display of the pages of the Sites;
  •     "Cookie consent": cookie that documents the user's consent to the installation of profiling cookies by carrying out one of the actions described in the banner / brief information; recognizes the user at the second access to the site so as not to request consent to install cookies again. 

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