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In our catalog you will find: Military / airsoft equipment, Footwear and clothing, and Outdoor activities such as trekking and bushcraft

- Replica pistols and rifles for airsoft - Trekking and Trail shoes - Military Boots - Technical clothing for hiking and outdoor activities - Military Uniforms - Cutlery and Multitools - Crossbows - Flashlights - Self-defense and blank weapons

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Extrema ratio Satre Black

Satre is a pocket-sized, light and extremely resistant fixed blade knife. Given its characteristics, it can be employed in a large variety of activities and fields, including survival and bushcraft, or it can be part of an EDC kit (Every Day Carry).

It was designed in collaboration with Daniele Dal Canto, a Master Advanced Instructor. It can be worn as a neck knife thanks to its Paracord 550 lanyard.


Extrema Ratio Resolza 12 stone washed

The Resolza is the typical Sardinian folding knife, improperly called "Pattada" from the name of the town in the province of Sassari which represents its production center. Extrema Ratio wanted to pay homage to the most famous knife of the Italian tradition by mixing its original and traditional shape, with the most advanced techniques and materials.


Extrema Ratio Kreios Expedition

Kreios Expeditions, as well as the Kreios model from which it derives, was designed and developed thanks to the collaboration with the Master Advanced instructor Daniele Dal Canto. It is defined by its creator as a sort of "off road" of cutting tools, therefore not a specific disposable tool, but a multi-tasking tool, extremely versatile and designed to cope with numerous uses.


Extrema ratio SETHLANS Expeditions

Sethlans Expeditions, as well as the Sethlans model from which it derives, is a fixed blade work knife created to face a wide range of situations, but also as a backup blade. The Sethlans Expeditions was designed in collaboration with Daniele Dal Canto, Master Advanced instructor. Sethlans Expeditions has a Böhler N690 steel blade heat treated at 58 HRC with MIL-C-13924 burnishing and stone washed surface treatment (Dark Stone finish).


Extrema Ratio Rao 2 Black

RAO II is the reinterpretation of the famous Extrema Ratio RAO model; it has the same characteristics as its predecessor, with a renewed drop-tip blade and improved ergonomic handle with rounded upper sides of the handle.