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  • Brand: FENIX

Fenix ALG-05 Pressure Switch Mount

The Fenix ALG-05 tactical remote pressure switch mount is specially designed for Fenix AER series tactical remote pressure switches (remote pressure switches must be purchased separately). With a simple push, quickly and easily attach the mount to any standard Picatinny rail.


Fenix E03R V2 Keychain Flashlight 500 lumens

Discover the remarkable power of the Fenix E03R V2.0 keychain flashlight, radiating an intense 500-lumen beam that reaches nearly 300 feet. This compact tool boasts extraordinary durability, achieved through CNC machined full metal construction, all within a diminutive 2-inch frame.


Fenix ALG-06 Pressure Switch M-lock rail Clamp Mount

Fenix ALG-06 M-Lok Rail clamp for remote pressure switchis specially made for Fenix AER series tactical remote pressure switches. Professionally fit the M-Lok rail, using T-nuts to make installation more convenient and firm, and the bottom of the screw has a limit to prevent the nut from being lost.


Fenix battery 16340 700mAh ARB-L16-700UP

FENIX ARB-L16-700UP battery can be charged by its own USB port and by the charger as well. A protective circuit is built into the anode and covered with a riveted steel hat. The battery is fully covered with the steel shell, thus the potential risk of short circuiting caused by collision or impact is hugely eliminated.

the price is for 1 pcs


Fenix ALG-16 Tactical Light M-Lok Rail Mount

The Fenix ALG-16 Tactical Light M-Lok Rail Mount is a versatile accessory designed to securely attach a flashlight to your firearm's M-Lok rail system. It provides a reliable mounting solution for Fenix tactical lights, allowing you to easily attach and detach the light as needed. The ALG-16 is made from durable materials to withstand the rigors of tactical use, ensuring a stable and secure attachment. Its M-Lok design offers a low-profile and streamlined fit, minimizing bulk and interference with other accessories on your firearm. With the Fenix ALG-16 Tactical Light M-Lok Rail Mount, you can enhance the functionality of your firearm by adding a reliable lighting solution for improved visibility in tactical situations.

The Fenix ALG-16 Quick Release Rail Mount marks a new era for Fenix Flashlights. This fantastic Fenix accessory brings M-Lok technology to the durable flashlight mounts that Fenix has produced for years. In addition, the ALG-16 has q patented quick release system making it easy for you to detach and attach your flashlight. Another great feature of the ALG-16 is compatible with a wide range of Fenix Flashlights.


FENIX C7 flashlight LED 3000 lumens

The Fenix C7 is a rich tool with high performance for maintenance and industrial operations. È USB di-type C di ricarica battery with the 5000 mAh lithium ion agli agli battery included. Fornisce a fine light at 3000 lumen of the torcia in modality turbo while the distance is at a fine distance at 470 meters and the autonomy of the 68 ore is used in modality Eco.


FENIX battery 3500mAh ARB-L18-3500U

The Fenix ARB-L18-3500U battery can be charged by its own USB port and by the charger as well. A protective circuit is built into the anode and covered with a riveted steel hat. The battery is fully covered with the steel shell, thus the potential risk of short circuiting caused by collision or impact is hugely eliminated.

the price is for 1pcs


Fenix TK22 TAC 2800 lumens led flashlight

The Fenix TK22 TAC is a powerful LED flashlight designed for tactical applications. With an impressive maximum brightness of 2800 lumens, this flashlight provides outstanding illumination power. The TK22 TAC features multiple lighting modes, including a strobe mode for defensive or signaling purposes. It is equipped with an intuitive user interface that allows for easy switching between different modes and adjusting the brightness level. Its robust and durable construction makes it suitable for use in extreme conditions, and it is waterproof according to the IP68 standard. The Fenix TK22 TAC is an excellent choice for security professionals, tactical operators, or outdoor enthusiasts who require a powerful and reliable flashlight.


Fenix flashlight PD36 PRO 2800 Lumens

Fenixs best selling PD36R has gone PRO. It's everything you like about the PD36R, but with just a little more power on the top end. Featuring a maximum 2800 lumen turbo mode, this flashlight can throw that light 1247 feet (380m).


Fenix PD32 V2.0 LED Flashlight 1200 lumens

The Fenix PD32 V2.0 Flashlight is the perfect all-purpose flashlight, made for a variety of tasks. Featuring a multi-function tail switch that allows you to quickly choose between 3 brightness levels, for a maximum 1200 lumens and a beam distance of 1295ft (about 395m), plus strobe.


FENIX remote control AER03 V2 for TK16v1, TK20R, TK32, TK25IR, TK25UV, TK25RED, TK25R&B

With the all-new Fenix AER-03 V2, you can quickly adapt your Fenix Tactical flashlights to an AR. This tactical pressure switch is made from T6-grade aluminum. The cable is made from resilient PU material and is shorter than the previous model to help avoid tangling. The instant-on pressure pad is silent making perfect for a situation where you have to use stealth to maneuver your weapon. The Fenix AER-03 V2 is compatible with flashlights that use have dual rear buttons like the Fenix TK32 or Fenix TK16. This is the perfect accessory for tactical scenarios.

Fenix WF11E 200 lumens Intrinsically Safe Flashlight Fenix WF11E 200 lumens Intrinsically Safe Flashlight -€15.90
  • -€15.90

Fenix WF11E 200 lumens Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

The Fenix WF11E is an intrinsically safe flashlight certified by IECEx, ATEX and CSA. It can be used in Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 where there is potentially explosive gas, and Zone 20, Zone 21 and Zone 22 in combustible dust atmospheres. Powered by three included AA batteries, this intrinsically safe flashlight has a maximum brightness of 200 lumens. The WF11E also includes a magnetic tail and magnetic body clip, allowing you to attach the light to any metal surface. Made from anti-static plastic, impact resistant to 1m, and IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof help make this flashlight the perfect tool for hazardous situations.

€49.00 Regular price €64.90

Fenix GL19R Tactical Light 1200 lumens

The Fenix GL19R Tac Light is a rechargeable weapon light that is capable of blasting up to 1200 lumens 689ft (210m). Simply tap either the left or right switch to active the light—perfect for left- or right-handed shooters. Three available lighting modes includes 2 brightness levels and an assailant disorienting strobe.


Fenix GL22 Tactical Light with Red Laser Sight 750 lumens

The Fenix GL22 Tactical Light stands ready to become an important tool in your arsenal. Blasting 750 lumens, this pistol light can instantly throw that light 591ft with a simple tap of either the left or right switch—perfect for left- or right-handed shooters. You can also choose between the white light only, a red sighting laser for quicker acquisition of the target only, or have both on simultaneously. Plus you can disorient an assailant by holding the switch down to activate instant strobe.


Fenix WT20R multifunctional flashlight 400 lumen

The Fenix WT20R is a multifunctional flashlight with 105° adjustable angle head for the consideration of multiple lighting directions.

Featuring spot and flood patterns, it offers a max output of 400 lumens for close-in and far-reaching illumination. Included 2000 mAh rechargeable battery pack, and it is compatible with 2 AA batteries as well.


Fenix HM61R Rechargeable Headlamp 1600 lumens

Introducing the Fenix HM61R V2.0 Headlamp, an enhanced version designed to deliver better performance and unparalleled convenience. With a large, glove-friendly switch, cycling through five brightness levels, including a max 1600-lumen turbo mode, is now quick and effortless.


Fenix TK26R Tactical Flashlight 1500 Lumens

Product Description

Year after year, Fenix has been the brand that law enforcement officers rely on when choosing a tactical flashlight. For this reason, Fenix has developed the TK26R Tactical flashlight. The design of the TK26R is based on the needs and wants of law enforcement personnel around the world. The bright light has a max output of 1500 lumens of white light, 200 Lumens of green light, and 150 lumens of red light. You can power the TK26R with one rechargeable 18650 battery or two CR123 batteries. The 18650 can now be charged inside the torch with the included USB Type-C charging cable. Additional features of the TK26R include the standard IP689 Rating, the ability to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, and a high strength A6061-T6 aluminum body.


Fenix E-CP Rechargeable Flashlight with Power Bank Black

The Fenix ​​E-CP Rechargeable Power Bank Flashlight features a very bright 1600 lumen flashlight, but it also doubles as a power bank to charge other devices. Simply insert the included USB Type-C charging cable (or other compatible USB cable) into the tail of the light and let the 18W fast discharging quickly charge your device. The side switch activates the light and allows you to cycle through five brightness levels plus strobe. The octagonal shape prevents rolling and the lack of a tail switch allows you to tails stand the light for hands-free lighting. IP68 rated waterproof and dustproof, this flashlight with a power bank is a go-anywhere tool that will charge your next adventure.

Fenix GL06 Pocket Tactical Light

The Fenix GL06 is a compact tactical flashlight with an innovative design, perfect for pocket missions. With a maximum power of 600 lumens, this flashlight provides intense light that allows you to accurately identify targets and threats even at significant distances. It is also ideal for indoor or close-range applications.


Fenix ARE-D2 battery charger dual channel

Empower your charging experience with the brand-new Fenix ARE-D2 Dual Channel Smart Battery Charger, designed to simultaneously charge two batteries. If you're a flashlight enthusiast, you know the importance of having batteries ready at a moment's notice.

Compatible with all Fenix batteries, the ARE-D2 charges your cells quickly within a few hours. Real-time information, including the current charge level, is displayed as your batteries replenish. Among the popular compatible batteries are the rechargeable 18650 and 16340 varieties.